0 Tintabulations Performs at National Seminar

After our National Performance

Tintabulations had the honor of performing the opening concert at the 2013 Handbell National Seminar in Portland, Oregon.  Two of our members run a blog about handbells and wrote about the experience:

I will admit that the prospect of ringing for 600+ bell ringers was a bit intimidating.  Not only was that just a large audience, every member in the audience was familiar with bells and knew what to watch for.  But there was something magical about ringing in front of that audience.  Maybe it was the fact that we had already performed that concert a dozen times, or the fact that this would be our only time to show off, but what ever happened the hour and twenty minute concert we performed was the most magical time I have ever spent on a stage.  I have been ringing for a dozen years now, and that is the first concert I can honestly say that I left everything on that stage.  Watching back the tape from the concert it is clear that everyone else in the group did exactly the same thing.  The photo at the top of the article is our group’s picture just moments after coming off stage and you can see the glow in everyone’s faces.  We all felt incredibly lucky to be chosen for this honor, and we didn’t waste one moment of it.

Read more about the trip on their blog!