0 O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Tintabulations Handbell ensemble performing the epic Sandra Eithun arrangement of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” at the Redding Handbell Festival.  A big thanks to Larry and Carla Sue for filling in with us on this performance (they are the two not wearing green)!

0 Tintab’s Adventures to the Area XII Handbell Conference

A montage of our trip to the 2012 Area XII Handbell Conference at the Disneyland Hotel.  Our trip to the conference included:
-Performing in California Adventures
-Four days of classes and performances by amazing bell ringers
-Fantastic clinicians including Michael Glasgow, Tim Waugh, and Nancy Hascall
-Performing during the mass ringing at the end of the conference

The background music is by Velocity Handbell Ensemble.  We were honored to watch their last performance as a group during the conference.  More about the music: “Velocity (P.L. Grove, Joel Gingrich, Jeannine Schwarz, Marquise Usher) is joined by Michael Glasgow on conga in a quartet rendition of Clint Hagen’s original piece for handbells, “Gwerzy.” Performed at the 2010 AGEHR Area XII Conference at UC Davis in Davis, California.”  Watch the original performance at http://youtu.be/4IG_0BgBRWc.

2 Performing Bells in Disney’s California Adventure

Tintabulations performing Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” arranged by Kevin McChesney on the Hollywood Backlot Stage in the California Adventure park.  We were very excited to have the opportunity to perform in the park before heading to the Area XII conference.  Plus, it’s not often that bells get to ring with all the flashy lights of a pop concert!  Special thanks to Tess Houston for doing the video recording.

0 “Jesus, Lover of My Soul”

Tintabulations Handbell Ensemble performing “Jesus, Lover of My Soul” arranged by Karen Roth.  This piece is for those in the mood for something loud, dissonant, and harsh (but it does resolve in the end, we promise).  Our audiences seem to either love or hate this piece, so let us know what your opinion is.

0 “Nocturnal Fantasy”

“Before my bed, the moonlight so bright,
Be frost on the ground, I suppose it might.
I raise my head and the moon I behold, then
I lower it, brooding: I’m homesick tonight.”
-The poem “Night Thoughts” by Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty

Tintabulations performing “Nocturnal Fantasy” by Emily Li at United Methodist Church in El Segundo, California.

This piece took our group all spring to learn, and we were honored to present it at the Area XII Handbell conference shortly after this performance.